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Our Products/Services

Research designs are always formed to address the key business objectives. Hence, methodologies are customized accordingly.

Qualitative Studies

Diaries, Social Media Posting, Projective Techniques and what-have-you are used in digging deeper to obtain insights. Each study is customized to address Key Business Objectives.

Quantitative Studies
Comes in all types of study and methodology, sample size and area, weighted or not. Each study is also treated as per client needs and will be customized to address Key Business Objectives.
Market Landscaping

Contextual or supplemental, Desk Research is conducted to prepare our researchers for the study as well as to provide additional information to our clients.

Data Processing

Coding, encoding, statistical tools are used to process data gathered from fieldwork. Additional processing, filtering, cross-tabbing are also done for optimal analysis.

Measurement Science as well as trending and emerging statistical tools are being studied and applied to yield maximum learnings.
Mobile Solutions

We offer livestreaming of Focus Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews via HT Development.  


We are also present in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, thereby allowing us to package nationwide studies for you.

General Market Research Solutions provided by Thinkscape Research are:

  • Exploratory Study, Profiling Study
  • Concept and Product Testing
  • In-Depth Interviews, In-Home Interviews
  • Insight Mining
  • Communications Concept testing
  • STB / Radio / Print ad Testing
  • Digital Media Testing
  • Shopper Studies
  • Social Listening
  • Pricing Study
  • Usage, Attitude, and Imagery Study
  • Distributions feasibility study
  • B2B Feasibility Study
  • Communications Concept testing
  • STB / Radio / Print ad Testing
  • Digital Media Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Exit Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping